“Thank you”

"Cards and flowers"

“Cards and flowers”

Thank you to everyone that wrote to Betsy and I, sent cards and flowers, wishing us well and a speedy recovery.

We are getting along well and doing our best to move on. We hired a lawyer to handle the case and he asked us to not facebook or talk about the accident any more. It will take about a year or so to get this resolved, but Betsy and I are happy to be alive 🙂

One thing that has been really great is that I have been without my van and forced to ride my bike everyday! I feel great and the weather has been so nice. The rain that we have had has pretty much missed me while riding to and from work. I really do not want to buy another vehicle, but at some point will have to. Having  a van for my shop is really helpful and while I could exist without a van and rent one here and there, it would be more of a strain on my work.

I have had some great classes over that last months, but have not really taken any pictures. The people that take my class are so happy to be here and that really makes my day bright. While I am a lifer and have been in the business since I was 18 and never get tired of bicycles…it is still very inspiring to see people so jazzed about making there own frame set.

I am without a class for the next two weeks now. So I will use this time to catch up on so many backlogged projects, such as repairs, paying bills and some frames that need finishing.

I also have another demo bike in the works. A Roadster demo, 8 speed, 56cm with all the stuff. If anyone thinks it might work for them let me know. I hope to have pictures of it next week.

"Teaching to weld"

“Teaching to weld”

"Around the shop"

“Around the shop”








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