“Demo bike updates”

I have four bikes I would like to sell.

Two are ready to go, one almost ready and another that will be built with parts I have in stock. These bikes will help with my next Road bike project as well as my shop move and build out, that will be happening over the next months, for a complete move by August.

Green Truss bike

Green Truss bike

Green Truss bike $3,000.00 $2,500.00 SOLD

  • 56cm [good for someone 5’8″ to 5’10”]
  • 2 speed kickback rear hub [coaster brake]
  • front dyno/drum front hub
  • Brooks B72
  • King HS
  • White Ind crank
  • ANT pedals
  • Woody fenders
  • ANT stem
  • Big rear saddle bag [not pictured]
  • For the original $3,000.00 price I can have the bike stripped and add another rear hub option of either a 3 speed, or 8 speed hubs with either coaster brake or drum brake] and in any other color, but green looks good with the parts and leather.
Road bike

Road bike

Road bike with fenders   $2,000.00 $,1800.00

  • Fits someone around 5’7″ to 5’9″
  • 52cm x 55cm top tube [slight slope TT with up right position]
  • Shimano 105 components ,10 speed [full group]
  • 34/50T x 12/30T
  • 700 x 28mm tires
  • Some scratches on top tube and rear fender
  • Nice bike, rides great.
  • I am still riding this bike everyday, but it will clean up fine. I have  a new road project i want to build, so this one will pay the way for that, so good deal for anyone that buys this ;)

New 56cm Roadster $2600.00 [picture coming soon]

  • Nexus 8 speed hub
  • Dyno front hub
  • Dual roller brakes
  • D-Rack
  • ANT stem
  • Full chain guard
  • Full fenders
  • Brooks saddle
  • All nice components and all new
  • The frame, fork, rack and stem are made. Soon to be coated black, but if you but it now, then you can have any color you want.

Another bike in the works:

Roadster deluxe bike, might be a Truss bike. Can be any size, but if no one buys before I build it I might make this around 58cm

  • Around $4,000.00 [possibly less if pre-paid]
  • Almost all made in USA components
  • Drum dyno front hub
  • 3 speed coaster brake rear [or drum]
  • ANT stem
  • Pauls cranks
  • ANT pedals
  • Brooks Imperial black
  • Leather tape black
  • Oxford bars
  • King HS [silver or black]
  • Paul’s seat post
  • Paul’s lever
  • Delta tires, cream, brown or black.
  • Can also be built with single speed Phil hubs and black Paul’s racer brakes.
  • Frame style could be diamond, Truss or ladies loop frame.

All sales in North America only [sorry]

If anyone is interested in any of these bikes for sale, please do get in touch or send the links to anyone you think they might be a good fit for.

Thanks, Mike


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Bicycle frame builder
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