“Frame building”

"Robin tack welding"

“Robin tack welding”

For the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of working with UK bike builder Robin Mather.

Rob is a established builder that has been building for about 20 years, in the Bristol area and is one of the few that can operate without a real website 😉  He has won best in show at the Bristol Bespoke show and won a grant from QEST to come here to my shop and learn more about TIG welding. Rob knew how to TIG weld and had even made a few Ti bikes frames for himself, but he was ever looking to get some first hand instruction to take it to another level. I was happy to assist we had a lot of fun working together.

"Practice, Practice"

“Practice, Practice”

I told Rob that if he came here to my shop that I would make him weld until his exploded! Luckily that did not happen, but he did weld quite a lot. We also made a nice single speed road frame set for Rob 🙂

"Can't go wrong with black"

“Can’t go wrong with black”


Today was our last day and Betsy & took Rob down to CT to visit Peter Weigle. Peter is a wonderful guy and a great craftsman, that all of us builders look up to with great admiration.

"Peter's Hendey Lathe"

“Peter’s Hendey Lathe”

"Weigle's wall"

“Weigle’s wall”

"Weigle's bench"

“Weigle’s bench”

It was a grand day and a great send off for Robin. We will miss having him around and hope to someday visit him in the UK. If anyone needs a great craftsman to build them a bicycle in the UK [or anywhere], please do contact Rob.





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3 Responses to “Frame building”

  1. Mitch Pryor says:

    Mike if there was such a grant to be offered here in the US, I’d be filing out the application right now. What a great visit for you both.

  2. Alistair says:

    Mike, very cool that you and Robin got to work together. If you get the chance to visit Rob at his shop in Bristol you should definitely go. I bet you’d have a great time, and the South West of England is a lovely place. I may be a tad biased on this point…

  3. Jeffrey Langlois says:

    That Racycle 40-tooth chainring is a thing of beauty. It says something that Peter would keep it in such a prominent place.

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