“Tulsa Tough”

"Indigo Cycles"

“Indigo Cycles”

Last week I was down in Tulsa OK, helping Scott Schofield at the new Indigo Custom Cycles get his shop set up and running. Scott took a 6 week course last fall and was planning to set up in the DC area where is is from, but ended up making a big life change, by moving to Tulsa, OK. Scott’s wife Katie is from Tulsa and they have many contacts there and to my surprise a lot of bike culture going on there.

"One of the many bike trails in Tulsa"

“One of the many bike trails in Tulsa”

Tulsa had a nice feel to it and I was graced with wonderful cool, dry weather [unseasonable, usually hot]. Tulsa has a big bike trail that runs along the Arkansas river and through the middle of the Maple Ridge area, all the way to down town. Down town has a vibrant, but not crowded night life and a bike bar called the “Soundpony”, that has a bike club/team. And they have a bike race/event called the “Tulsa Tough”

"Woody Guthrie"

“Woody Guthrie”

The arts district was well intact  and a music presence with the Woody Guthrie center and Cain’s Ballroom.

I was there during the week, so did not get an idea of how busy it is on the weekends. Kind of sparse on the weekday night, but very pleasant, clean and seemingly safe. I was very impressed with Tulsa and Scott picked a very nice space to start his business. He does not have a website yet, but will post again as soon as he does.

""steel forks are good for you"

“steel forks are good for you”


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2 Responses to “Tulsa Tough”

  1. Daniel says:

    Steel forks – never had any other kind. And, yes, they are good for you.

  2. edozbicycles says:

    Wow, another builder in Tulsa. Good luck dude, it’s Wal-Mart country here.

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