“Moving to a new shop space”

"New shop "

“New shop “

The new ANT location, in Walpole MA 🙂

ANT is moving into a new era. After 12 years and 3 previous spaces, this is my first truly legit legal space! While I did conduct business in all my old spaces and payed taxes, had my town business license etc…non of these spaces really met up to current building codes. Most often these old buildings are allowed to be “grandfathered” [translated into, the town is going to ignore]. My new space is owned by an electrical contractor and has all the town contracts with Walpole, so no problem with meeting code and doing it right. I even have his and her handicapped bathrooms!

"Lots of space"

“Lots of space”

My office is now separate, so you do not have to walk through it to enter the shop, the powder coating and blasting will have it’s own room and a small compressor room. The space over all is about twice as big, so while I do not really plan to add many more machines I will now have space to free up some of the very crowded work areas. The alignment tables have always been way to crowded, the Bridgeport was right next to my welding table, so always making a mess in the welding area. While you do not “need” a large space to do the work I do, it sure makes it a lot more comfortable.

One aspect of the space that I am excited about is offering a new expanded Frame Building Class for two people. I have done 3 sets of double up classes, but have often turned them down, for lack of work space. Now I can have two welding stations and more importantly two vise stands. My new dual person class is going to be a ‘Buddy class”, for people that know each other. I have had many father and son’s that want to take a class and will have my first one in September. The buddy class is discounted by about a $1,000.00 over the single class. I also now have loaner bikes built for the students that take my class.

"Shop Bike loaner bike"

“Shop Bike loaner bike”

This bike is based on the wonderful design of Henry Cultler at Workcycles and his FR8, kind of a one size fits most bike, utilizing Workcycles “Adaptive Seat Tube Design”. I have two of these, equipped with lights, racks, and bags. A really fun bike and I think my most favorite one I have ever built. The ride is so smooth and stable.

A few other reasons for my shop move is that the new location and it’s proximity to all the things I need. The space is only 6 miles from my house [was 10] and 1 mile from the train station [was 7] and only 3 miles from some hotels [was 6 to 13]. I have been looking for a space that was close to the train, because my customers [both local or out of state] utilize the train often. The new space will also be much more conducive to re-starting our “Open House” that we used to have every year. Great bike riding right from my shop [That is how Betsy and I found it]

While I am moving I have also been trying to get many bike orders out the door, before I dismantle the blasting and powder coating. It might take me a few weeks to get that set back up, as well as I have classes starting Aug 19th. One of the bikes I have been finishing up is the great Ladies Roadster for Keri in Western Ma. The bike is equipped with all the best components and has the new 11 speed SRAM XX1 drivetrain, set up with a 10/42 cassette with a 38T ring, giving a gear range of 24″ to 103″….what more do you need and very light too.

"Jesse helping out "

“Jesse helping out “

"It goes to 11"

“It goes to 11”

More shop photos and news in the next weeks.



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4 Responses to “Moving to a new shop space”

  1. Joan Dempsey says:

    Hey Mike, that’s great news!! So glad you’ve finally got some breathing/working room – looks terrific! xo

  2. Tim in Texas says:

    YAY! I look forward to seeing the new space, and old friends!

  3. If your shop is where I think it is, it looks like there are some sick bmx trails south end of the road you are on! If I have it right, what is that long strip of mowed area? Is it a power line right of way? Anyway, congratulations and good luck!

  4. kerismith says:

    Congrats on the new space! it looks amazing!

    The bike is a total dream! It rides like a tank but is light and speedy. I still can’t get over how lovely the gears are. Well worth the wait!

    thanks again for taking it on!

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