“New England Builders Ball”

Betsy and I will be attending the New England Builders Ball . October 4th, Friday from 7pm to 9pm

Our booth space will next door to Luke’s at Concinnity Cycle Works, who took my 6 week bike course back in January.  Luke’s site is not really up yet, but should be by the end of next week 😦  Lots of other great builders will be in attendance, so please do come by. Last years was a lot of fun.

405 West St.

405 West St.

My new shop space has been really coming together and for the first time I have real signage, thanks to Scott at Beardman Bicycles. 🙂  Scott took a class last Dec and has been building bikes on his own in his grandfathers machine shop in Wrentham MA. Scott works at a sign shop during the day and he was really good at whipping this sign out for me [and installing it!]

Front door

I have been teaching classes every week since moving in and some really nice bikes have been coming through. I have been working nights and weekends to get caught up on bike orders that I sold before the move. I only have two more to get out and will be building them to show at the Builders Ball…then I will be ready to re-open my order book for bikes [as well as continuing with classes]

"Brian's class"

“Brian’s class”

"Gerry's class"

“Gerry’s class”

"PJ's class"

“PJ’s class”

"Shop filled up"

“Shop filled up”

Room to breath

Room to breath

I have a class starting Monday with a fellow riding up from Brooklyn NY. He is 6’8″ and we are going to build a lugged bike with two top tubes! If all goes well we might be showing that at the builders ball too 🙂

As for me building bike again, I am ready and will be coming up with a new price list this weekend.





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One Response to “New England Builders Ball”

  1. Tim in TX says:

    The new shop space looks NICE! Room to work is a wonderful thing.

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