“NAHBS Bikes For Sale”

NAHBS Show bikes for sale.

I have three bikes that I am building for NAHBS that are for immediate sale, which can be shipped or picked up after the show March 17th.

Bike #1: $3,000.00



Light Roadster. 56cm seat tube [fits me 5’8″] to 5′ 10″ Most of the parts are black, except hubs and crank, bars. Color not chosen yet, but will be by Monday. Buy it today 😉 I am leaning towards dark blue, grey blue or maybe something bright that looks good with the black parts, like red.

  • Single speed
  • Gates Belt drive
  • White Ind freewheel
  • DeVinci crank [USA]
  • White Ind BB
  • King HS
  • ANT stem [quill]
  • Oxford bars
  • Rivit saddle [Honey]
  • Velocity Chucker rims [black]
  • Phil hubs silver
  • Paul’s seat post
  • Paul’s Racer
  • Cream Delta tires 700 x 35mm
  • Wald steel fenders
  • Paul’s levers
  • D-Rack in front

Bike#2 $5,000.00

Custom Gates/Bionx Electric assist 1930’s style motor bike, twin tube mixte style. Olive green, brown rims, bars, black tires, brown saddle, wood grips. This bike is very special and will be in the Gates booth.

  • Bionx motor, with 3 speed hub
  • Gates belt drive
  • Avid disc brakes
  • Brooks B67 antique brown
  • Maxxis Holly Roller knobby tires
  • Custom spring fork
  • Custom stick shifter
  • Pauls front hub
  • King HS
  • Custom brake levers [motor bike style]
  • A very cool bike, that might just end up being my own 🙂

Bike #3  $2,000.00


Light Roadster 650B x42, color TBD. Parts silver, single speed, D-Rack in front. Not built yet, so if you bought it this week, then any size. Other wise it will be a 56cm.

  • All good made in Taiwan parts
  • Cantilver brakes
  • black and tan 650B Hetre tires
  • VO hubs SS
  • VO rims
  • VO fenders

Please get in contact if you are interested in any of these bikes. A deposit can secure the bike for you. Pictures can be posted next week, when they are built up, but if you want to pick the color call now 🙂

Thanks, Mike


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Bicycle frame builder
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3 Responses to “NAHBS Bikes For Sale”

  1. saxtont47 says:

    Ooh tempered by the 650b light roadster, would be totally unnecessary mind you…..timing.

    I am sure it’ll sell in no time flat.

    Ps I have started to build up the bike you just shipped, which is awesome by the way, I’ll shoot you some photos when I am done….thanks again


    Sent from my iPad


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