Fillet Brazed Frame

I built a fillet brazed frame for myself last week. It was the first one I have ever built for myself.

I have helped about five others make one in my old frame building classes. And over the years made many practice joints, but never a bike for myself or any ANT customers. I am pretty happy with the way my fillets came out on my new bike and confident about making them for others now.

This is the first ANT I have been able to assemble for myself for a few years and all thanks to my friend Matt [who had taken a class back in 2014?]. Matt gifted me a tube set and it was only for fillet [or tig], so that got me set in that direction by chance.

My powder coating shops I use have been very backed up with work, so I decided to spray paint my bike with a rattle can [actually red primer with a matte clear coat]. I cleaned the frame very well, preheated with a heat gun and painted outside in the cold! Pretty easy for me since I painted many thousands of frames over my years! The color is just what I wanted. I love that rat rod primer look. While spray paint scratches easily that really does not bother me much, especially since it only cost me $10!

I assembled the bike with vintage components that I have been collecting over the year. Some bought or free from other projects. The new parts are rims, spokes, tires, tubes, fenders and bar tape. I have a soft spot for older parts that used when I was young. The end product looks and functions just the way I wanted. I just need a large rear saddle bag. I might add some small touring racks later, maybe..

This bike was also a project to build around the wider 650B x 48mm tires [which actually measure 42mm]. So the used a very wide fork crown and with longer and indented chain stays. I might need to use slightly bent chain stays, but this did clear pretty well and fit the fender fine. Might need more for mud build up, if you off road a lot in the…mud.

I only got a quick test ride in. It has been wicked cold and now we have a bunch of snow. I guess I am now kind of a fair weather rider and would rather hike in these conditions! When the snow clears and it gets above the 20s, then I will go ride 🙂

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