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Classes on hold until further notice….you can guess why.

Class cost $3,300.00

  • This class is a great value and the only one that leaves with a finished frame, plus tools included to take home, info and food included!

A deposit of $1,000.00 secures your week. Balance due the first day of class.

This one on one class is for the person that wants to get the skills and tools to be able to build bicycle frames in their home shop.

The class bike design is a sturdy touring bike, utilizing a lugged construction and based on a pre-made fork [SOMA 700c or 650B or Surly for 26″ for smaller bikes]. Straight tube rear stays, socketed dropouts and plug seat stay caps. Fork steerer is 1 1/8″ threadless. Brakes cantilever or V-Brake and can fit 42mm tires.

I provide you an extensive tool set, a book of drawings and other info [both for you to take home].

And after taking the class you will be able to build on your own without much more investment and a method of construction to give you the base that you need, before moving on to more complicated assembly.

The frame will be brazed using a MAP gas hand held torch. This is an easy way to get to know how to braze, before moving on and investing in a quality oxy/acetylene torch set and bottles.

We will work out of my 100 square foot home shop with the tools provided, in the exact same method, that you will take home to use.

Map 001

Course includes:

  • 5 day one on one class M to F 9am to 6pm
  • Lunch, snacks and coffee included
  • Book of drawings for a size range of the class bike, as well as some basic info on fitting and other info.
  • A V-Block that fits all tubes
  • A full file set
  • Chain stay dimpler tool
  • Aluminum soft jaws for your vise
  • A brazing clamp
  • Cantilever mount tacking tool
  • A metric ruler
  • A protractor
  • A Sharpie!
  • Dykem fluid for marking tubes
  • A set of clamps and rods to tack braze a full frame on a 2′ x 4′ MDF board [the frame fixture]
  • Practice materials for brazing
  • Fork [All city touring 700c/SOMA Touring or Surly LHT 26″ for smaller sizes]
  • Tube set, lugs and materials to build your frame
  • Frame will be powder coated at the end of class. Powder coating provided by a local shop, chased, faced, prepped and then shipped to you all ready to assemble [boxing and shipping cost extra $100 or so]
  • There are other bike design options as long as the fork chosen is no taller than 395mm and has a 1 1/8″ threadless steering tube.
  • Another option is to forgo the powder coating and take the frame with you after the class and paint your self with a spray can or send to your own paint or powder shop. This will reduce the class cost $250.00
  • This class is a great value and the only one that leaves with a finished frame, plus tools, info and food included!

What you need at home to begin building on your own after the class:

  • A 100 sq foot [10 foot x 10 foot] ventilated space with either a cement floor or dirt. [priceless]
  • A small work bench that is bolted firmly to the wall or ground or both. [$100]
  • A large vise [$60]
  • A good stiff hack saw [$50]
  • Park frame Alignment tool [$55]
  • Small hand drill [right angle] and a few drill bits [$50]
  • Emory cloth [$35 roll]
  • Wire wheels [$20]
  • A respirator [$20]
  • Safety glasses [$20]
  • A MAP gas torch and hose [$60]
  • Silver and flux [$150]
  • Cut off wheel tool [$25]
  • Dremel tool [$40]
  • Simple green, acetone, cups and rags [$40]
  • A 2′ x 4′ x 1/2″ MDF board [$13]
  • And of course raw materials for a frame [$225/$300] and fork [$130/$160] Plus shipping for all about [$65]
  • The frame will need some thread preparation with some cutting tools. This can be done for hire by your local bicycle shop for around $75/$100 for each frame.
  • Later you can invest in some cutters of your own. A seat tube reamer is about $100, BB chaser/facer is about $500 and a head tube reamer is about $450. This might be had from the used market as well, for less. However I do recommend Park tools, because they have a sharpening service.

There are of course many more things to add to your tool list, but this is enough to get you building sooner than later.

Ideally you get your work space in order first. Take the class and build a bike as soon as you get back home. Then repeat that process completing a frame every month for a year. Do this before moving on to making forks or any more complicated builds or processes [fillet braze,  curved tubes, disc brakes etc…]. Get the basic skills first to just join the tubes together in a method that works consistently and correctly.

Don’t be afraid to just spray paint your early frames to save on money. Spray Bike has some good paint. Make them for your friends and family without charging or get donations for materials. Or if you want a refined finish a basic wet paint job cost around $600 from Hot Tubes Painting and powder coating from $250 at Central Mass Powder Coating

Frame Class 2020 013

Frame Class 2020 010

Frame Class 2020 011

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