How to Order

No longer accepting orders. 9 – 11 – 16


I will be building roughly about 12 frame sets a year. Please take a look at the Touring Frame page for photos and a basic description.

These frame sets are semi custom/stock. Any size seat tube and top tube [within reason]. The rest of the frame design is standard with no options, like the bike pictured:

  • Lugged construction
  • Standard size tubes
  • 1″ threaded steering tube
  • 650B x 42 wheel size
  • Hi-Trail Touring design
  • Cantilever brake mounts
  • Double eyelets
  • Slotted cable stops
  • Racks attach to brake mounts
  • Powder coated stock colors with brass badge and decal set
  • HS and BB installed {Tange sealed BB & Levin HS}
  • Cable hangers installed
  • Ladies single tube step though available 
  • Some sizes might need a fillet brass brazed head tube


I will need your:

  • Height
  • Pubic bone height
  • RAL Color #

These frames should be sized on the big side for the seat tube height to get the style and upright position of the bike pictured. For example the bike pictured is mine. If I went into a shop to get fitted they would put me on a 54cm seat tube bike [for a level top tube frame]. This bike is a 56cm. This style cuts into your standover [I am touching the top tube a bit when standing over it]. This allows you to get the bars up high, but with the stem and seat post with a lower look [classic]. This is a touring style bike, so the top tube should be longer and used with a shorter stem [than your racing bike]. This helps with stability, toe overlap and giving a smooth ride.

If you would like one please email me to get on my list and for info on how to send your payment. A $500.00  non-refundable deposit will get things started, balance due when the frame goes to powder coating.

Once I get your deposit, your name will go on this page along with a build date. I will build about one a month, so will it be pretty clear when your frame will be ready.

Thank you, Mike Flanigan

Complete bicycles?

I will not be offering any complete bicycles as of yet, but I would highly recommend having this assembled at a reputable bicycle shop that can handle a complicated build such as this style [Harris Cyclery comes to mind].

I also highly recommend the build list of my personal bike as pictured:

  • Nitto Noodle bars $73.00
  • Nitto Technomic stem [Deluxe on smaller frames] $73.00
  • DiaCompe old style brake levers $43.00
  • Velo Orange leather tape $75.00
  • Brooks B17 Imperial saddle $135.00
  • Nitto S65 seat post $84.00
  • Sugino XD600 triple 24/36/46 $146.00
  • IRD cassette 8 speed 12/32 $64.00
  • Micro Shift derailleurs $97.00
  • Shimano Sora 8 speed DT shifters $60.00
  • Tektro cantilever brakes $58.00
  • KMC chain $23.00
  • Velo Orange wheelset 650B $425.00
  • Velo Orange Zeppelin fenders $65.00
  • SOMA Grand Randoneer tires 650 x 42mm $160.00
  • Greenfield side stand with foot $11.00
  • PDW fender tail light $30.00
  • Velo Orange constructor racks $190.00
  • MKS Touring pedals [with power grips] $50.00
  • Battery head lamp [I have a B&M Ixon Core] $87.00
  • Total parts $1,949.00 [plus shipping about $150.00]
  • Having the bike assembled by a bicycle shop will cost about $200.00
  • An estimated complete bike total cost $4,600.00