ANTBIKEMIKE is a small bicycle fabrication shop run by Mike & Betsy Flanigan in Belmont, Massachusetts. We like making bicycles for commuting, touring and fun, with a vintage style, but a modern function. Mike has been in the bike trade since 1983 and joined the Boston bicycle frame building scene in 1989. Betsy takes care of marketing and is the bright force in Mike’s life 🙂

Since 2001 ANT has been dedicated to building bikes for transportation and was the first handmade bicycle fabricator to focus solely on transportation.  After 20 years of influence on the bike commuting market, we can say that ANT has helped turn around the bike industry’s focus away from the sport market to transportation.  All major bicycle companies and many hand-built bicycle builders now have a product line or bike that has the ANT style.


Favorite quote: “When I see an adult on a bicycle I do not despair for the future of the human race.”–H.G.Wells

Thank you,
Mike and Betsy