Here at ANT we [Mike & Betsy] are into everyday bicycles that can be used for any type of road or light trail/dirt road riding. A lightweight, but rugged bike with fattish tires and equipped with all the accouterments that you will need to travel comfortably, safely and to be able to carry the things that you need. Sporting or standard road frames are also available!

Mike Flanigan has a long background in manufacturing bicycles and while Betsy has a full time day job, as a college administrator, she is also our marketing manager [and major supporter of all things ANT].

We make all steel bicycles made for touring, commuting and fun riding, so for the most part, that is the type of bike the ANT is.

Please get in contact with any questions.

 Sincerely Mike and Betsy

'Mike and Betsy"

‘Mike and Betsy”