• Stock TIG welded frame $1,200.00 [powder coated]
  • Custom lugged frame $3,075.00
  • Custom fillet brazed frame $3,075.00
  • Lugged steel fork $390.00
  • Steel Imported Fork $60 to $170
  • Carbon forks [TBD $500/600+?]
  • Custom design, size and geometry, trail and lug style. 4130 butted tubing, choose either classic small diameter tubing or standard over sized. Level top tube or slightly up sloping. Mixte or ladies frames available.
  • Includes two bottle mounts, cable stops [or guides], double eyelets, rack mounts, cantilever or center pull  brake bosses [or brake bridge], down tube shifter mounts, kickstand plate [or CS bridge], brass head badge.
  • Single color wet paint from Hot Tubes painting, with top mount DT/ST decals. [extra color on head tube and or seat tube panels adds about $300.00]
  • Pick a color at the PPG color selector. Some colors cost $200 more if is a tri-color or candy etc…
  • Any possible paint option at extra charge TBD.
  • Extra light tubing. Kaisei, SACHS or Reynolds 853  $200.00
  • Add Truss tube $200.00
  • Extra top tube $200.00
  • Extra bottle or rack mounts $40.00 a set
  • Pump peg $30.00
  • Internal brake cable $150.00
  • SON SL fork dropouts $250.00
  • Disc brakes mounts and dropouts $300.00
  • Rohloff  guides and dropouts $200.00
  • Wheel building $150.00 [plus spokes about $75]
  • Complete bike assembly labor $150.00
  • Packaging for shipping $75.00 [box, materials and time]
  • Shipping cost varies $100 [frame set] to $300.00+ [complete bike]
  • Compete builds are done with components purchased by customer and drop shipped to me,  with exception of spokes, cables etc. I can email you links to the parts.
  • A complete bike similar to this 650B touring bike cost around $6,500.00 +/-  [with a Panasonic/B&M dyno hub system or B&M Battery lights pictured.]
  • A similar bike with all USA parts [King, Paul’s, White Industries, Paul’s etc…]+ SON SL hub and other updates Honjo fenders, Nitto racks puts it in the $8,000/$10,000 range.
  • Rohloff hub to any build adds about $1,500.00
  • Partial builds available headset, bottom bracket installation etc..

A deposit of $500.00 will get the ball rolling. Non refundable, so think about it before placing your order. Lead time is about 3 to 4 months from a deposit depending on getting me the info I need to make your bike.

Please get in touch with any questions at

Thanks Mike Flanigan