We got a great write up on the BikeLaw blog. I think I need to make a testimonials page on the site to add this as well as other nice things people have said about taking my frame building class.


Matching Roadsters

Matching Roadsters

Cutting and welding

Cutting and welding


“American Craft Council”

Fork brazing

Fork brazing

I have been invited to participate as a panelist for a symposium hosted by the American Craft Council.

This event will be held at the North Bennet Street School in Boston and will be attended by students from the North Bennet Street School and MassArt.

The symposium will be held September 25th and 26th at the North Bennet school along with three other craftspeople.

I am honored to take part, happy and impressed that a bicycle maker will be included in the panel. This shows that the bicycle craft has elevated itself to the norm rather than a exclusive niche of the bike world. I hope that my participation will be helpful for the future craftspeople that I will be working with 🙂

"Filing stem"

“Filing stem”


“Balvenie Rare Craft Collection”

Truss bike

Truss bike

ANT has been selected to participate in the 2014 Blavenie Rare Craft Collection.

The show has been curated by racing legend Dario Franchitti. I was more than delighted to be selected to exhibit among this limited engagement of 20 craftspeople from surfboards, bagpipes to metal furniture makers….and of course my bicycle 🙂

The show schedule runs from Aug 13th to Dec 6th exhibiting in these cities:

  • Carmel, CA Aug 13th-16th
  • Los Angeles, CA Aug 26th-27th
  • Seattle, WA Sept 9th-10th
  • Austin, TX Sept 16th-17th
  • Chicago, IL Sept 30th-Oct 1st
  • Boston, MA Oct 7th-8th
  • Washington DC Oct 21st-22nd
  • New York, NY Nov 17th-22nd
  • Aspen, CO Dec 5th-6th 

Balvenie is a Scottish distillery that handcrafts fine single malt whiskey and has taken the effort to share the handcrafted experience by sponsoring this event. My Truss bike was built just for this event and will be viewed by more than 15,000 people, please make your reservations and be one of those people 🙂

The show is free, but RSVP are limited, so visit TheBalvenie.com/Collection to reserve your place. To see the show as it travels follow on Instagram @BalvenieUS

The show is for people 21 and over. To view the site and get your tickets reserved you must input your age, then follow the link to the city you will be attending, then input your age again, then you will see which exhibit hall the show will be in.