“Boston Bicycle Film Festival”

Zachery Lee’s film  about me building a bicycle will be shown in the Boston Bicycle Film Festival. The BBFF runs from Sept 23rd to the 25th with my film shown on Friday the 24th.

Also in conjunction with the BBFF will be a Boston Area Handbuilt Bicycle Exhibit at the Forth Wall Project. Area builders will be showing a few bikes each and I will exhibit the bikes I built for the MAD Show. So if you missed the NYC Exhibit, this will be a chance to see the bikes along with a lot of other very cool stuff.

Hope to see you there!

I finished bikes for Dylan B and his friend Jared, who have been waiting since last Feb! I knew Dylan from my Redbones days back in Somerville and he had bought an IF Deluxe back in the day. Now ready to buy a more practical bike to go fishing with 🙂

I finally got my new chainguards delivered and will be installing on my next bike I am building [A loop frame red 3 speed]. The guards are a full coverage French style like the Velo Orange ones, but steel and with a better more firm mounting system. I have these laser cut out of sheet, fold them a bit and weld the edges. After welding I grind down the weld smooth. Next bikes up on Flicker will have some installed, so stay tuned.

My old friend Joan Dempsey moved to Maine many years ago 😦 but I just heard from Joan recently about her on-line writing clinic called Literary Living. If you are a writer or interested a writing life, then I would suggest taking a look at her program.

Last week I got a visit from Brad Q. at Urban Velo. Brad is a good kid and is finally making it with his somewhat new business [that he runs along with Jeff G.]. I gave him a tour of the shop and we had some interesting discussions that lead to bike touring. For many years I have been interesting in finding out information about the Pittsburgh to Washington DC trail/bike path. This is about a 400 mile path that is a combination of the Great Alleghany trail and the C&O Canal path. Brad has ridden most of the path and had some first hand knowledge for me and he mailed me some maps this week 🙂

I am interested in finding a path to take my family on a multi day bike trip with some camping. This maybe the trail to go on or maybe the Erie Canal trail that goes from Buffalo to Albany [or both!], which may work better for use since we have family in Albany.

I would like to apologize for not making any post to the blog or uploading any pictures to Flicker. I have been preoccupied with various activities and shop related business. I am always envious of the professional blogger and writers that can take the time to make such good blog post and awesome photos! However thank you to all that do take the time to read mine….I know you may be thinking, hey take your friends writing class! Not a bad idea, but maybe I should learn how to spell and get my grammar correct first 😉

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